Fairfield cohort FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many courses are required?
  1. How much do courses cost?
  1. Can I transfer in courses from previous graduate study?
  • State and university requirements limit the number of courses that can be transferred into an approved program of study to 2-3. These are identified and accepted on a case by case basis.  You can inquire about options by sending an unofficial copy of your transcripts to Dr. Rachael Gabriel (rachael.gabriel@uconn.edu) for review.
  1. When will courses be offered?
  • Please see the schedule for your cohort for a list of current/upcoming offerings. Please not that schedules are subject to change.
  1. If I am a 1st grade teacher do I need to take the Secondary Literacy courses? / If I am a high school teacher can I skip them?
  • The 102 and 097 licenses are both K-12 licenses, so educators who have primarily spent time at one level or another must take courses that build knowledge across all grade levels. Unlike courses leading to initial licensure, these courses are aimed at specialized practice and coaching, so all candidates must take courses at all levels, even those for which they may bring significant classroom teaching experience.