Program Description

The Literacy Specialist Program leads to certification as a Remedial Reading and Language Arts Teacher (102) with the possibility of continuing to earn a Reading and Language Arts Consultant Certification (097) in Connecticut.

The program is designed to provide guided and independent inquiry as well as authentic clinical applications via embedded clinical experiences with students and ongoing fieldwork in school settings.

The Remedial Reading and Language Arts Teacher (102) has no pre-requisite degrees or certifications.  However, by program completion candidates must be able to demonstrate at least three years of teaching experience in which the position required a valid teaching certificate.  These courses may also be pursued as part of the program of study for a sixth year or masters degree in Reading/Language Arts. 

The Reading and Language Arts Consultant (097) is a 15-credit hour program of which 6 hours constitute a practicum.  The prerequisites for the 097 certification include:

  • A valid teaching certification
  • A master’s degree
  • Evidence of three years (30 months) of classroom teaching experience
  • Evidence of one year (10 months) experience as a remedial reading language arts teacher (or other position requiring the 102 certification)
  • All courses leading to the 102

For more information, contact Mary Anne Doyle

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