Mission Statement

We believe in creating communities where:

  • All students read and write meaningful texts;
  • All teachers engage students’ strength to address specific needs;
  • All instruction integrates reading, writing, and language in all its forms;
  • All curriculum includes the ethical assessment of development over time; and
  • All educators engage in sustained professional learned about a range of instructional practices so that educators are fully equipped to teach all students.
Image with RLAC Mission Statement.

Literacy Specialist Certification Programs

  • Master of Arts Degree With a Concentration in Reading
  • Sixth-Year Diploma With a Concentration in Reading
  • Remedial Reading and Language Arts Teacher (102 License)
  • Reading Consultant (097 License)

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    Application Deadlines

    Dec. 1 — Spring Admission

    April 20 — Summer Admission

    July 15 — Fall Admission

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